About Hodl My Moon

Hodl My Moon is a Social NFT Platform. Make Frens; Mint NFTs on the Polygon blockchain; or list on our NFT Marketplace.

What makes Hodl My Moon different?

  • Your community and marketplace are in the same place.
  • Unlike web2 social media, your immediately own your social posts. They are in your wallet.
  • You can create an NFT and see it on the blockchain in less than a minute.
  • You do not need any technical knowledge to use the platform.
  • We are also much faster than other DApps you may have used.


Users sign in with their crypto wallet to create their profile. This is quick, easy, and crytographically secure.

Social Interactions

Users can follow other NFT artists to see their content in their feed. Liking or commenting on NFTs does not trigger blockchain transactions.

Posting / Minting NFTs.

Every post on HodlMyMoon is a Polygon NFT.

Users mint their posts via the website. They can add filters, or crop the asset. The metadata is uploaded to IPFS, a decentralized file system.

The process quick, easy and requires no technical knowledge.

Polygon / Matic

NFTs are minted on the Polygon Blockchain

To confirm a transaction on the blockchain requires paying a tiny amount of Matic. (less than a cent). Hodl My Moon does not receive this fee.

Obtaining Matic is very easy to do. You can now buy directly from most wallets with your bank card.

Other options include: asking frens, or transferring from an exchange.

Who owns the NFTs?

The users do!

This is why we ask the users to mint them at post time.

You, the user, are free to do whatever you want with that NFT.

As posts are on the blockchain; any other platform you join will be able to retrieve them for you.

Where can I learn about NFTs and DApps?

You can learn about NFTs and DApps on Hodl My Moon.

Meet Hodl My Moon

Founder and Lead Developer

Steve has been writing software for a long time now. He graduated with an MEng in Software Engineering (distinction) from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland.

Since then, he's worked with many organisations such as Skyscanner, Coats, and Standard Life Aberdeen.

Director of Photography

Dug has never written software. He doesn't really know how technology works either.

He understands that "looks" are all that matters in life; and that humans seem to think he looks good. If his looks fail him; he plans to go back to offering "big big paw" for a biscuit instead.


Team profiles coming soon