What are dApps

A dApp is a decentralized application.

Decentralized Applications?

A decentralized application stores some of your data on a blockchain.

A centralized application stores all of your data on a database it controls.

Web2 vs Web3

A centralized application is often called a web2 enabled site.

A decentralized application is often called a web3 enabled site.

Why should I care about dApps?

You can think of a dApp as a window to the blockchain.

That data does not belong to the company who created the dApp. It belongs to you.

You do not have to ask a company to give you that data, and if the company goes out of business your data does not disappear.

You said only some of my data is stored on a blockchain?

Yes. Not everything makes sense to store on the blockchain.

For example, if you want to "like an NFT" on Hodl My Moon; we store that "like" in a tradional database.

The reason is that storing something on the blockchain takes a few seconds and incurs a small transaction fee.

Do you really want to wait longer and pay a cent every time you "like" something?

DApps allow us to Mint NFTs I guess?

Yes. Using a DApp, like Hodl My Moon, will allow you to mint, buy, or sell polygon nfts.

And the NFTs I mint belong to me; not the dApp owner?

Yes. As long as you've actually minted the NFT then it is yours

Some platforms are "gas less", which means they don't actually mint the NFT until someone buys it.

This means your data isn't actually on the blockchain at this point.

Hodl My Moon isn't gas less?

We are not gas less.

We ensure your NFT is minted on the polygon blockchain at creation time.

Gas costs about a cent, and the transactions are very fast with Polygon.

Gas less became popular, as ethereum (another blockchain) had extortionate gas fees, and creators were willing to temporarily give up decentralization to save money.

Polygon is exceptionally cheap, so we see no reason to give up decentralization here.

So dApps are the future then?

We think dApps are the present. There is a tremendous growth in this area.

And how do I interact or connect to a dApp?

You can read how to connect with decentralized applications right here on Hodl My Moon