“Off He Goes” - Musical Inspired creation by Pearl Jam’s “Eddie Vedder” and its ties to Sailing

“Off He Goes” is the inspirational Pearl Jam song, written by lead singer/guitarist Eddie Vedder, which illustrates the synergistic nature and dynamic relationship that goes hand in hand with the musicians impact and influence that is shared between this original oil painting and boat that is specifically named after the song name in this original hand painted piece of art. The name of the boat “Off He Goes” has a true correlation to the song itself and adds a special meaning to the adventures that await out at sea. Painting is representative of the boat name and musical connection which is located near the shore of the Channel Islands which are located in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Original Oil Painting created by Ed Morgheim - Turned into a digital NFT art creation of this collection. #OffHeGoes #MusicalSynergies #Inspirational #BoatingoffthecoastofCA #EddieVedder
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