“Off He Goes” - Interior Sunset View boat Inspired by Eddie Vedder’s Music “NFT Collection Part 2”

“Off He Goes” - NFT Collection Part 2. Interior scenic sunset view, from the actual inside of the boating vessel, which was musically inspired to name the boat named “Off He Goes.” The boating vessel is located near the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara, CA, which is considered to be part 2 of the “Off He Goes” collection named after Eddie Vedder’s Musical talents and song that has deeply inspirational meaning related to boating off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The “Off He Goes” collection includes the original oil painting artwork creation, known as collection piece #1 (currently listed) followed by collection piece #2 showing the amazing sunset view of the Channel Islands in the background, with perspective view from the actual interior of the boating vessel named “Off He Goes” from truly spectacular musical influences on life’s journey! #year_of_the_rabbit #Inspirational #EddieVedder #Music&ArtCreation #CollectionPart2
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